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An SEO expert can say amazing as now-a-days search engines automatically index website. We also know this well but we do it in order to ensure that your website is listed and indexed by search engine quickly.

As we all know search engine submission is an act of adding a URL to a search engine in an attempt to make a search engine aware of a web page or site. Search engine sometimes asks for additional information about web pages like title, keywords, description etc.

There are two basic reasons to submit a web page or web to a search engine. The first reason is to update website in search engine and secondly to add it in search engine as web master don't want to wait for a search engine to discover the site.

Search engine submission is only necessary if the major search engines are not able to found the site. Most major search sites frequently revisit already indexed sites to ensure that their search results reflect current content.

Next comes website optimization the better a page is optimized, the higher rankings it will achieve in search engine result listings. This is one of the most important parts because most people who use search engines only look at the first page or two of the search results, so it would be best if site is listed in first two pages of search engine.

Manual search engine submission may be more time consuming than automated search engine submission, but a fair amount of search engine optimization specialists stick with the old fashioned way. As some popular search engines like AltaVista discourage automatic submission and may ban website permanently also to be indexed in their search engines

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